A Day Of Riding With A Friend

Riding with other people isn’t something I do very often. I didn’t start riding with a core group of friends or family and most of my riding is commuting or transportation rather than just going out for fun. Over the past year or so I’ve been trying to branch out and caught a couple of rides with people from Bikes and Breakfast. I have also been pretty active on the Cafe Racer Podcast Slack group and recently got the opportunity to ride with another member from there. Doug from Amen Moto rode up from North Carolina through thunderstorms, tornado warnings, and horrendous traffic to come check out the roads around central Maryland.

I wasn’t very good at remembering to take photos, but Doug had took a few and had his Sena 10C running the whole time.

We met up at A.K.A. Frisco’s in Frederick for some lunch with Hal, another Slack member, ate way too much and headed west on MD 180 to check out some sights.

Hal, Alex, and Doug. Photo by Doug.

Our first stop was the War Correspondents Memorial, just west of Burkittsville, MD.

Photo by Doug

From there we meandered north up MD 17 through Middletown, Myersville, and Smithsburg, MD to reach Pen Mar and our second stop at High Rock.

Photo by Doug

Next up was a short break at Misty Meadow Farm Creamery for some ice cream and water.

Photo by Alex

After our break we headed south to pick up MD 77 in Smithsburg, MD and head east into Catoctin Mountain National Park and Cunningham Falls State Park. We headed south again on Park Central Rd to make a loop on the dirt roads in the Frederick Watershed and then wind our way back to Frederick through Gambrill State Park.

Photo by Doug

If you’d like to take this ride for yourself, feel free to follow my track in Rever.


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