Vuz Moto Saddlebags – Long Term Review

Check out my video for quick thoughts and a look at the bags on the bike.

Back when I was getting ready for my 7 Days in September ride, I knew I would need a set of saddlebags to help carry everything. While looking for budget options that would work for me I came across Vuz Moto; they were relatively new to the market but had a few reviews on Amazon and seemed to be selling well as they sold out and came back into stock at least once while I was preparing. I decided to give them a chance and ordered.

Upon arrival, there was only one thing amiss – the buckles for the compression straps had the male end threaded backwards. That was a pretty easy fix to correct and set about trying them on the bike. I had been hoping to be able to use these bags without a rack but it was quickly apparent that the would be very close, if not touching the back wheel without one. However, they easily held all my camping equipment and clothes I was planning to pack for the trip. At least I had a pretty good reason for ordering the Rally Raid Products racks now.

Over the couple of years I’ve had the bags, one of the main features I’ve used are the solo straps to allow just the use of one bag. I find having just one affords me plenty of space for day-to-day items and makes “riding while short” a little less cumbersome. The bags have held up very well, only a few loose threads from the fabric at the seams have appeared and the only weathered items are the elastic strap keepers which have lost their elasticity from exposure to the elements. The bags and straps have not faded and the reflective strips have not lost their shine. Additionally even in the heaviest of rains, while moving or parked, these bags have never failed to keep their contents dry.

I’ve only had a few nitpicks with the bags; first was the reversed buckles – which were an easy fix. My two other concerns with the bags are material choice related. The material the bags are made of is plenty pliable as long as the ambient temperature is above 50°F, any cooler than that and they are quite stiff and the interior is black, if it were a lighter color – any other color, it would make locating items at the bottom of the bag a little easier.

Overall, I’ve been quite happy with the purchase of these bags. There are only a few waterproof options at the $100-ish mark but I feel these have been a good value and should hold up for a long time to come.

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